Solo Exhibition: Fixed Gaze, 2021

Fine Arts Center, Brookdale Community College, Lincroft, NJ

Yellow Wallpaper

Group Exhibition: Knew Normal, 2020

AUTOMAT Gallery, Philadelphia PA

8 ‘ x 8 ‘

Installation Text:

Do the surfaces and objects that surround our private world block us, release us, or remain ambiguous?

I’m interested in the idea of the interior being a “safe space” that can also- perhaps simultaneously- become a cage. Can the very things that protect us from discomfort become the means to close us off from the world?

Hyper-focus on a fixed space or view can offer a meditation of sorts, but behind this sort of meditation can also lurk dangers.

In her 1892 short story “The Yellow Wallpaper”, feminist author Charlotte Perkins Gilman’’s protagonist is confined to a small room in her home, diagnosed with a “hysterical tendency,” which was likely post-partum depression.

This confinement turns inward, and she images a ghost woman creeping behind the wallpaper that is desperate to be released. The silence and oppression of women’s mental health in the face of a strong patriarchal and capitalist mindset is as much a contemporary issue as a historical one.

Love Me

Location: The Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts

Oil on canvas, latex paint, paper, graphite, board

12 ‘ x 12’ room

May-July 2017

ASE8 (1)
Installation view, Love Me, 2017
Love Me (1 / 2), 12 x 16, 2017
Love Me (2 / 2), 30 x 30, 2017
Love Me (2 / 2) detail, 2017
Love Me (dyptich), 2017 – studio install view
Copy, Layer, Layer, Repeat, 2017
Copy, Layer, Layer, Repeat (detail), 2017
Love Me, Installation view, 2017
Postcard: facade, 18 x 26, 2017
Postcard, vista, 18 x 22, 2017
Love Me, Installation view with Surface Treatment, 2017

The Heart Wants What It Wants

Location: The Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts

17.5 ft long x 9 ft wide x 8 ft tall

Nov- Dec 2016

Materials: Latex paint, wood, oil on canvas, acrylic paint, ink jet prints on matte paper

The Heart Wants What It Wants makes the room the painted object, and lets the viewer wander this space in a surreal series of associations and actions. The 70s-era linoleum floor pattern sets the stage for a room of shadows- of which the viewers becomes one. Moving through the space, it’s hard to tell what shadows your own body is casting, and which were already there.

Anthropormophic shapes blend into walls with canvases, glitches, and familiar yet-unfamiliar outlines. Two displayed paintings are covered over with a blanket of thick black paint that has dripped onto the floor and formed a stiff pool. Layers pile on like memories, changing from each new angle.

This Is Not An Interior

17.5 ft long x 9 ft wide x 8 ft tall

May 2015

Materials: Latex paint, acrylic paint, oil on canvas