I’m interested in the real and metaphorical surfaces behind, beyond, beneath, and surrounding what we think of as a painting object. Through the languages of representation, specifically the slippery space of realism or naturalism, I seek to address the histories those languages manifest. The objects depicted in my paintings exist as both precious artifacts in loaded spaces and meaningless commodities in generic environments. Likewise, my installations explore the room as both a painting space and as a container for paintings. In both bodies of work, I’m interested in how the images themselves and the space in which they reside acts as carriers of meaning.


Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, MFA, 2017

The School of Representational Art, Chicago, 2011-2012

Atelier course of study in drawing/painting

Houghton College, NY: B.A. in Art and Writing, 2007



AUTOMAT Gallery Collective, Philadelphia


Summer 2016, Scholarship Awardee, Chautauqua School of Art, Chautauqua NY


Eagles and Angels Award, Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts

Horseman Purchase Prize


John and Susan Horseman Collection, St. Louis, MO


“Back to the future in politics and art” by Stacy Friedman. Broad Street Review. Published July 25, 2016.



Mari 17

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